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Webseries Casting Call

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Webseries Casting Call




Our team of filmmakers here in Tallahassee, FL are holding an open casting call on June 25th to find actors for an upcoming project titled “Not So Innocent”. Please note that these will be non-paid roles. Anything we are able to pay will be on the back end out of profit.

“Not So Innocent”

Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Thriller

Synopsis: Not So Innocent” is the story of two best friends that find themselves swept into a world of deception, murder, and terror when they discover other worldly forces are after them.

When and Where: June 25th in the Magnolia room at LeRoy Collins Public Libary(Main)     200 W Park Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Bring: No monolouge is required,  you will be reading excerpts from our script, which you can contact us to get beforehand. A picture of yourself would be great but is not required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We ARE accepting video sumissions if you are unavalible for that date. We are accepting them until the slots are filled! To do that, contact us and we will send you the sides

Emily (19-30) – Emily is a kind soul. She’s a little nerdy and into biology, but she has just the right balance of being caring, playful, and serious. Repressed feels for longtime friend Greg.

April (20 – 30) – April is a peaceful, rational, loyal and strong woman. She’s also a highly trained fighter who is not afraid to defend herself. She’s somewhat motherly and very protective of those she cares about.

Sandra (20-30) – Sandra is a tomboy FBI agent and April’s loyal sidekick. Can clean up well and be ladylike.

Greg (20-30) – Greg is a good guy that uses his sarcasm and witty humor to compensate for his low self-confidence. He and Emily are the best of friends, but he secretly has feelings for her.

Rod (20-30) Emily’s boyfriend who is a seemingly perfect guy (rich, in shape and a gentleman), but has a hidden dark side.

Jones (30-45) – Ex-boxer that’s highly intelligent, knowledgeable, confident, and intimidating when it comes to anything business related. He’s got all the right connections to people in high places. Not only can he knock you out intellectually, but physically as well.

Hack (19 – 25) – Hack is a computer genius that tends to boast about his accomplishments. Can be competitive and childish at times.

Robert (21-30) – An unwilling participant in a black mail scheme with a past he has to make up for.

Jake (25-35) – Is a very skilled and well known doctor in the city. Unfortunately, he has some skeletons in his closet that have come back to haunt him.

Terry (25-35) – Terry is Jake’s workout partner. They also play basketball at the local park sometimes.

Truck Driver (35 – 50) Husky male – Nonspeaking role



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