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Liquid Spirit Nia Dance

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Liquid Spirit Nia Dance





Leave old inhibitions at the door and tap into new and unlimited possibilities in 2018. If you’ve been feeling a little rusty or you’ve been needing to dust-off your creative thinking cap then this is for you. Liquid Spirit will help you break old movement habits and teach you how to unleash and develop more movement creativity. This Nia FreeDance event is designed to help you move freely and expressively, bringing you closer to the source of your authentic self where body, mind, emotions and spirit unite to create an artful movement experience that will inspire you to explore new levels of artistry.


All ability levels welcomed | No experience necessary

The class is taken barefoot. If you choose to dance with shoes, we suggest a thin, soft-soled shoe. We highly recommend that you arrive 10-15 mins before the class to get situated and be ready to start at 6pm.

In addition, we recommend that you bring:
-yoga mat (optional)
-comfortable clothing
-water bottle

Admission: $15

Meet the Facilitator: Valerie Sanchez

Valerie is a Certified Nia Technique Instructor, a Corporate Wellness Coach, and the Founder of Groove and Wellness. She discovered Nia Technique® in 2011; and ever since then she’s traveled around the world giving and receiving Nia classes in: Australia, Hawai’i, Bali, Thailand, Nicaragua and around the mainland U.S. She is passionate about helping you create change, empowering you to live authentically, and she is motivated to help you create wellness from the inside out. Through her Nia classes, she will teach you how to consciously direct your movement practice towards your fitness goals, how to become more receptive to your physical and mental needs, and how to savor movement as well as stillness for a more centered and empowered you.

To learn more about Valerie and how she uses Nia to contribute to the Tallahassee community visit:


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