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Transforming Through Moving (TN)

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Transforming Through Moving (TN)




Transforming Through Moving (TN) Workshops

Professional Development for Artists

Joanna A. Mauer, Founder & Guide

Artists know that they need to explore their spiritual and emotional selves to personally grow, which growth fuels creativity and also supports sustaining oneself as an artist.  To create, artists need to be transformed. One way to be transformed is to get in touch with the body and explore how it moves. When exploring how the body moves one is also in touch with one’s soul. Artists will be nourished by these workshops because they will awaken and expand the experience of the body as a vehicle of the soul, or of the creative spirit.

I am trained as an embodiment facilitator to guide and to allow the felt body, the somatic self, to become a place of learning and teaching, which can inspire artists to grow and to create.

During the workshops we delve deeply into layers of various wisdom traditions in an embodied way, discovering or rediscovering in new ways essential questions. These embodied practices will stimulate the experience of awe and insight.

This is an original practice, an amalgam of a number of spiritual and movement practices and traditions. No prior experience necessary!

Saturday, March 25, 2017, noon to 2:30

Please arrive early as the journey begins at noon

No prior experience necessary. RSVP appreciated.

The Studio @ 6457 Fitz Lane, Tallahassee

(20 mins from the center of town, past SouthWood, off of Tram Rd.)

Your guide: professional embodied movement facilitator, JOANNA MAUER
Cost – $35  (sliding scale available)

Wear comfortable clothes, and if you want, bring a swimsuit for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool post workshop. And/or nosh on fruits & cheeses.

Joanna Mauer is an embodiment facilitator/innovator, a spiritual and somatic teacher, dancer, attorney and mediator.  She previously worked for many years nationally and internationally as a ballet and modern dance performer and choreographer.  Joanna has trained with many of the best dance teachers in NYC, including Gertrude Schurr and Jennifer Muller at the High School of Performing Arts, Diana Adams at Balanchine’s school, and  Merce Cunningham. She has also studied experiential movement techniques e.g., contact improvisation and Body-Mind Centering®.   Joanna has led movement-based workshops for secular and senior groups, EnSpiriting the Body and Embodied Prayer workshops for transdenominational and religious communities.  Additionally, she has participated as a spiritual leader of embodied practices for religious services.  Joanna completed the two-year Movement–Based Jewish Leadership Training Program, “Embodying Spirit, En-spiriting Body,” led by Rabbi Diane Elliot.




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