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The Janus Perspective Book 2

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The Janus Perspective Book 2



Note: Book 2 is the first in the series. Book 1 will not be published. This is a psychological horror series. You’ve been warned.

Are Your Sleep Paralysis Demons Real?
What if your sleep paralysis demons existed in the physical world? Kevin’s world is filled with shadowy beings, and he desperately wants them to go away. They haunt the forest outside of the cabin during the day. They haunt his dreams at night. There seems to be no escape.

Who or What are They?
They might be the souls of people who cannot move on. They might be transdimensional beings that see us as a mortal threat. Are they creatures upon which many ancient and modern tales are based? You will never guess what they really are and why they exist.

Beware of the Ones That Look Human
Some shadow creatures appear completely human. People who have seen them rarely live to tell the tale. The few who do survive never want to tell the tale.

The Evolution of Storytelling
Welcome to the evolution of storytelling. This book is part of an immersive interactive film that responds to your facial expressions and gestures. Don’t just watch it. Experience it.

Contains: Strong Language, Mature References

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