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The Closing Act: Muse a Lexicon of Time and Fashion

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The Closing Act: Muse a Lexicon of Time and Fashion



The Closing Act is a fashion show and live music extravaganza to end the Spring 22′ semester. It is on April 22nd at 8:00pm. Think of it as The Met Gala meets Lallapaloosa.

As a designer, you have the opportunity to design a piece that fits into the theme Time Warp. The challenge is to design a piece that combines two different periods of fashion, also upcycling clothing is encouraged. For example, the 20s in the US with Y2K, Punk and Disco, Napoleonic and 60’s fashion, etc. This is all about showing off you work! Feel free to get as creative with it.

This Fashion show will give you the opportunity to work on portfolio pieces, have professional photos taken of your looks, a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, recognition in the community, and much more. Once you fill in your information and turn in the form, an email with more information will be sent out to you. It will contain the parameters of the competition, due dates, potential prizes, and theme mood boards. Please respond to that email directly if it will fit into your schedule. You will then be sent differing contracts and a completed calendar of deadlines.


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