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The Actors Ensemble On-Camera Workshop

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The Actors Ensemble On-Camera Workshop




The Actors Ensemble
On-Camera Workshops

Where: Staybridge Suites 1600 Summit Lake Drive Tallahassee, Florida

When: Saturday, February 3rd: 10AM-5PM

             Sunday, February 4th: 9AM-6PM

COST: $599.00

10% Discount for students and service personnel (use promo STUDENT) Student or military ID must be presented at workshop.

We supply the tools. You provide the commitment. –

Actor training at the high school and collegiate levels has long been focused on theatre acting. While a degree is essential and the experience unparalleled, the majority of theatre-trained actors are bereft of the skills needed to pursue a film career. The Actors Ensemble believes that all performing artists must beexposed to the detail, discipline and rigor of screen acting. Those who decide to jump headfirst into the choppy waters of becoming a screen actor will fail without a solid foundation.  Possessing a trusted skill-set in conjunction with talent, breed’s confidence…priceless to all artists!
The fundamental goal of an actor is to locate, nurture and apply a trusted, personal technique.
The Actors Ensemble Workshop focuses mainstream acting theories and how they apply to the camera.  By immersing each student on both sides of the camera in a live-set environment, exposing them to the stylish and technical demands of on-camera performance, participants can fully comprehend their role in creating film/television content. However vast and persistent the acting revolution is, more opportunity
for work is born from the new demands of the industry.

– Familiarize themselves with correct jargon to engage the Director, DP, etc. and adapt to their performance.
– Understand the many jobs of the crew, the equipment they utilize, and how they affect your
– Mold skill-set in scene analysis to fit the stylistic demands of film and television.
– Examine the environment (of the text) and know how to affect the intimacy, presence and energy of the character visually and audibly.
– Experiment with camera and character blocking.
– Choose specific, physical behavior based on script analysis within the frame they are operating in.
– Understand the moment-to-moment emotional needs of the other character(s).
– Sharpen their awareness of dynamic elements on set (characters/background/props, etc.) and apply them to benefit their performance.
– Watch playback of their work, assess the successes and failures, develop proper adjustments then apply and commit the direction.
– Gain a thorough understanding of the business aspects as applied to the modern actor.

Our workshop was developed from decades of experience training and teaching in conservatories and BFA/MFA programs across the country. “Reel” content is nearly equal in value to headshots and resumes of today. We shoot HiDef, pro digital film and can supply your students’ studio-quality, edited and graded footage for their reel.



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