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The Aaron Copland Fund for Music Performance Program

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The Aaron Copland Fund for Music Performance Program



Funds are available for General Operating Support for professional performing ensembles and presenting organizations with a history of substantial commitment to contemporary American music and with plans to continue that commitment. The program also provides Project Support for exceptionally important activities relating to contemporary American music proposed by professional performing ensembles and presenting organizations that do not normally feature contemporary American music in their programming.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Non-profit tax-exempt status.
  • Performance history as an ensemble or presenter of at least two years at the time of application.
  • For General Operating Support applicants, commitment to contemporary American music.

Performing ensembles and presenting organizations whose programming (in terms of duration) for the preceding two seasons does not consist of at least 20% contemporary American music should apply only for Project Support unless otherwise advised in writing in advance by the Grants Manager.

Eligible organizations:

  • Chamber sized ensembles of any instrumentation
  • Chamber orchestras
  • Symphonic or other full-sized orchestras
  • Opera companies
  • Dance companies and/or ensembles (see note below)
  • Vocal ensembles and choruses
  • Presenters
  • Festivals (see note below)
  • Presenter/ensemble hybrids

Individuals and student ensembles are not eligible. Volunteer, community and amateur ensembles are generally not eligible except when authorized in advance to apply by the Grants Manager.

Special note for dance applicants: The Fund’s primary focus for dance applicants is on the quality of the music and the performance, which must be by live musicians, not the choreography. However, the choreography must enhance the performance of contemporary American music.

Special note for festival applicants: If your organization is a festival seeking support for training program activity, or is not involved in presenting music or professional ensembles, please seek support from the Supplemental Program.

Special note regarding soloists: Soloists are not eligible to apply on their own, but presenters may apply to present a soloist.

Grants will not be made for the purpose of commissioning composers.

Project support will be given only for a project that begins in the current season. Thus, for the 2016 grant round, support will only be given to projects that begin between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. Multi-year projects will be considered if they begin in the current season, but projects that began in an earlier season generally will not be eligible for support.

New eligibility for the Performance Program: The Performance Program supports the electronic dissemination of live performances, whether as a simultaneous transmission or via a recording of a live performance, by means including broadcasting and streaming. Expenses such as recording and electronic distribution costs can be considered as eligible costs in a request for general operating or project support when included live performance. Stand-alone recording projects (e.g., an “album”) are not eligible for support in this program.

Funding Provisions
In general, grants range from $1,000 to $20,000. Grant amounts for larger organizations with a demonstrated extraordinary commitment to contemporary American music may exceed these amounts at the discretion of the panel. Please note that the awarding of a grant for general operating support in one year does not imply continuation of that support in subsequent years. Project support grants are for that project only, and no more than one grant will be awarded for a single project.

Review Procedures
Funding decisions will be made by a peer panel chosen by the Fund. The following criteria will be applied in evaluating grant proposals:

  • For ensembles: artistic quality of the ensemble’s performances, as determined from the work samples, and its overall repertoire.
  • For presenters, or organizations that are otherwise involved with performances: are the ensembles and repertoire being presented of outstanding artistic quality?
  • For general operating support applicants, commitment to high-quality performances of contemporary American music over a substantial period of time.
  • Demonstrated financial ability to carry a season or project to completion.
  • Will granting the request tend to encourage and improve the public knowledge and appreciation of serious American contemporary music?

Please be advised that the panel may consult an applicant’s web site, social media accounts, and other publicly available information as a means to verify information contained within a proposal.

Deadline June 30th.

For more information, please click here.


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  1. Please look at my portrait of Mr. Copland. Be sure to click on "Portfolio/enter".
    Thank you,
    Mickey Adair


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