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Submit to "Behind the Scenes with COCA"

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Submit to "Behind the Scenes with COCA"




Submit to COCA’s “Behind the Scenes”

Please fill out the following form linked below and include photos to be considered for COCA’s “Behind the Scenes” albums on social media! This is a great way to get publicity for your organization or studio, and we want to make it easy for you.

First, you will provide a description of your organization and upcoming events, or your studio if you are submitting this as a working artist. Then you will be asked to upload five photos and tell the community about them.

When you go to add your images, please remember that we are looking for actual “Behind the Scenes” images – sets, rehearsals, sheet music, equipment, stage lights, props, manuscripts, art supplies, etc.

Artists should show images of their studios where the magic happens: instruments, art supplies, etc.

This is NOT the place to put publicity photos for your event.

Click here to create your Behind the Scenes album for COCA to share. We want to let everyone in the community know what hard work goes into creating an arts event!


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