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Senior Museum Curator at The Grove Museum

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Job - DEADLINE :  
Senior Museum Curator at The Grove Museum




The Grove Museum is hiring a Senior Museum Curator.

Salary Range: $34,501.48- $41,000.00

Closing Date: 6/09/2022

Apply Here:


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in history, American studies, anthropology, art history, humanities, public history, museum studies or related field.
  • Minimum of two (2) years full-time paid work in a museum or arts and culture organization with duties that included managing collections, curating exhibitions, and assisting with exhibition installation.
  • Minimum of one (1) year full-time paid work with historical collections and research
  • Resume.
  • Cover Letter.


  • Knowledge of history museums, historic house museums or arts and culture sites with history collections.
  • Knowledge of the history of slavery and civil rights in the United States and skills related to engaging with the public about these histories.
  • Knowledge of the care and management of historical objects.
  • Curatorial knowledge and exhibition installation knowledge and skills.
  • Strong technology skills including Microsoft Office products and collections management systems.
  • Strong writing, collaboration, and public speaking and engagement skills.

Special Note:

Responses to qualifying questions must be clearly supported in your employment history.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Serves as curator or historian on collaborative exhibit and project teams, including research, exhibit planning, initiating/facilitating the loan or acquisition of artifacts, preparing/installing exhibit artifacts and writing interpretive material on historical topics, exhibits, and collections. Prepares, reviews, and edits exhibit scripts, reports, brochures, newsletter articles and other printed and electronic interpretive and publicity materials. Creates media presentations; provides public presentations; and gives tours on American history and civil rights, material culture, and the care and preservation of collections. Assists in the care and management of The Grove Museum collections and collections database. Performs research and documentation on collections, which may include condition reporting, cataloging, photographing, scanning, marking, and inventory. Works with staff/volunteers on collection management projects. Works on preparing mounts, framing, painting, etc. Assists with care and management of museum equipment, facilities, and grounds. Meets with and observes contractors, including regular maintenance and historic preservation projects. Researches and responds to public requests for information on objects in The Grove collection, as well as for historical information, object identification, and methods of preservation. Provides written and/or verbal input on acquisitions, conservation, and collections policy.

Assists Knott House Museum with collections management as allowed with consideration of Grove responsibilities. This could include assistance with planning and coordinating the maintenance of collections and collections databases and performing research and documentation on collections. Other collections assistance may include working with staff/volunteers on collections management projects and participating in the installation of exhibits.

Performs other related duties as required, including contributing to the care and maintenance of the museum, grounds, objects, and exhibits; preparing for and cleaning up from the impacts of extreme weather conditions; assisting at museum public events; and performing site opening and closing procedures, light housekeeping, recordkeeping, and overall administrative support.


  • Knowledge of American History, obtained through course work or on the job;
  • Knowledge of a variety of historical artifacts;
  • Knowledge of museum terminology and programs;
  • Knowledge of techniques used in conducting research;
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of artifact and site care, conservation, and exhibition;
  • Knowledge of museum exhibit planning and implementation;
  • Knowledge of personal computers and software;
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective verbal and written communication;
  • Knowledge & Ability to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage;
  • Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments;
  • Ability to collect and maintain artifacts;
  • Ability to identify, analyze, and interpret historical objects;
  • Ability to photograph objects;
  • Ability to proofread text for typewritten and grammatical errors and to make corrections;
  • Ability to use a computer for word processing, collections research, digital image and audio data management, and preparation of exhibit plans, reports, and media presentations;
  • Ability to organize information in a logical sequence;
  • Ability to compose correspondence;
  • Ability to handle telephone calls in a courteous and effective manner;
  • Ability to work with other people on projects and teams;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Ability to organize and maintain paper and electronic filing systems
  • Ability to follow established procedures.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS:  A Level 2 criminal background check is a condition of employment.  If selected for this position, you must provide your fingerprints.  We will send your fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a criminal background check.


We are committed to enhancing our workforce through the employment of Veterans, individuals with disabilities and seek qualified candidates from diverse cultures and backgrounds, abilities, skills, and talents to join our inclusive workforce.

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