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RFQ - Large-scale public art project, Nashville International Airport

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Call for Visual Artists - DEADLINE :  
RFQ - Large-scale public art project, Nashville International Airport


Nashville International Airport Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Public Art for the Consolidated Rental Agency Complex (CONRAC) Facility – Concrete Columns

Entry Deadline: 7/15/2016

Requirements: Statement of interest, current résumé, artist statement, 7 images of past work with descriptions and 3 references.

All qualification materials must be submitted to (CaFE)
Project Description

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and Arts at the Airport invite artists to submit their qualifications to design and install a public artwork to be integrated onto 23 concrete columns leading to the Nashville International Airport’s Consolidated Rental Agency Complex (CONRAC). Artists must comply with the submission requirements described in this Request for Qualifications to be considered.

Individual artists and artist teams from Tennessee and the surrounding regions (Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida) may apply. Artists must provide evidence of prior work experience with similar scale public art projects with documentation in their résumé, photographs and references. Emerging artists are encouraged to apply; résumé, photographs and references are still required and must be able to show resources for completing a public art project this size. You must meet the above criteria to apply. Current Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority employees, commissioners and Arts at the Airport Board members may not apply.
Description of Site

The site for this artwork will be 11 concrete columns measuring 10′ tall and 34″ in diameter. The columns are located on a pathway from the Short-term Parking Garage to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC). All passengers renting a car or returning a car will utilize this walkway. The space is open to the public and other users of the airport. In addition, there are 12 columns; six on each side of the walkway. These columns measure 8′ tall and 24″ in diameter. The 12 columns are located along a pedestrian walkway which leads into a large core area of the CONRAC building. The scope of the work will be the 11 + 12 (total 23) columns. Artist may propose doing all 23 columns or fewer if the overall design is taken into consideration. The concrete columns/artwork will be used as a way-finding process for the pedestrians going to and from the main terminal to the CONRAC building.
The pedestrian pathway extends from the main terminal, underneath the Short-term Parking Garage to an open courtyard area, through a pedestrian walkway and into a large core area where passengers will determine which level of the rental car facility they should go to. On the return, passengers will return their rental car and enter this area in reverse: core area, courtyard plaza then under the Short-term Parking Garage pathway and into the Airport terminal.


The Goals of the Project

To use the artwork as a “way-finding process” to help pedestrians locate the CONRAC facility.
To utilize contemporary media (examples: mosaic tile, metal, ceramic, wood, paint, or vinyl wrap) to enhance an already constructed pedestrian pathway leading from the main terminal to the CONRAC building. To create an aesthetically pleasing, creative and original design/artwork. This also includes a well executed/professional installation.
To create a visually stimulating experience with the use of color and design; a moment of distraction as passengers hurry from one point to the next.
Project could, but is not required to, reflect Aviation, elements that make music special, or life in Middle Tennessee.
To create artwork that has a life expectancy of at least 20 years.
To enhance the existing Arts at the Airport public art collection.
Project Budget

The project budget is $220,000

​July 15, 2016
​Deadline for Qualifications submitted via
A selection panel of Arts at the Airport Board of Directors, staff and professional artists from the community will review the qualifications, statement of interest, and artists’ past work with the goal of selecting three to five finalists. Specific proposals are not requested and will not be reviewed at this time.

​September 1, 2016
​Finalists selected/notified.
Finalists will receive $2,500 to develop a detailed proposal for wrapping 23 columns in an artistic design. 50% will be paid upon selection and 50% following delivery of proposal and on-site interview.

​November 2016
​Site visits.
Travel expenses will be paid by the Airport in addition to the artist fee.
​January 2017
​Presentation by each finalist to selection panel.
​February 2017
​Final selection and award of contract.
​June 1, 2017
​Installation of artwork begins.
​December 15, 2017
​Project is complete.



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