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Performing Arts Readiness Webinars: November & December 2022

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Performing Arts Readiness Webinars: November & December 2022


The Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project offers free emergency preparedness webinars listed below during October and November. The better prepared an organization is, the more quickly and effectively it can respond to emergencies and crises, re-open for performances and programs, and return to normal operations.

We are also excited to announce the launch of dPlan|ArtsReady, online emergency preparedness and response tool for the arts and cultural heritage sectors. This tool guides users through risk assessments and preparedness actions and produces elements for your disaster plan. A limited number of free 1-year subscriptions are available to arts organizations using this form. The dPlan|ArtsReady online tool can be found at:

The complete list of PAR webinars with recordings may be found here.


Business Continuity for Performing Arts Organizations:
Nov. 8, 2022, at 2 pm ET
Description: Does your organization have a Business Continuity Plan? What is missing from your plan? This free webinar will equip your organization to take stock of your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan to ensure that it is complete, usable, and audit-ready. Learn how to streamline the process of developing a plan so that a disaster does not become a complex recovery. This presentation will:
– Review the fundamental and advanced components of a comprehensive plan
– Help you understand the BC program life cycle and how your plan fits into it
– Review best practices on BC plan maintenance and revision history
– Give you insight into managing enterprise-wide BC plans
– Define core reports to help strengthen your BC plan
Instructor: Ellen Korpar

Networking for Disaster Management in the Performing Arts:
Nov. 10, 2022, at 1 pm ET
Description: Emergency response and preparedness for performing arts organizations can be difficult for individual organizations. This free 2-hour webinar will demonstrate how working with multiple organizations in a network for disaster management can be accomplished. The history of networking for improved emergency preparedness in the cultural heritage, arts, and government sectors will be examined, with an exploration of existing networks. Case studies of the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network and CultureAID in New York City will be presented to help guide you on how to start your own or join an existing cooperative disaster network. You will learn to use the Cultural Placekeeping Guide to direct your networking efforts.
Instructors: Tom Clareson and Amy Schwartzman

Cybersecurity Tips for Performing Arts Organizations:
Nov. 15, 2022, at 2 pm ET
Description: Performing Arts Organizations risk losing funding, audiences, and information due to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We all know we should use good passwords, keep software updated, and follow other basic precautions online; however, understanding the reasons behind these rules is critical to help us convince ourselves and others that the extra work is indeed worth it. This session will cover securing your data, network, website, and computers. It will address security myths, passwords, tracking, and malware and will cover a range of tools and techniques, making this session ideal for small to mid-sized organizations.
This class will answer the question: Who are the bad guys? What tools are they using? What are they after? Where are they working? How are they doing it? Why are we all targets? How can Performing Arts Organizations protect themselves? (This webinar was formerly titled Understanding Cybersecurity for Performing Arts Organizations.)
Instructor: Blake Carver

Risk Assessment for Performing Arts Organizations:
Nov. 17, 2022, at 2 pm ET
Description: Natural disasters, local emergencies, and other disruptive events can devastate all types of performing arts organizations. This webinar will focus on mitigating risks at institutions, preventing disasters from happening, and reducing the impact of unavoidable disasters. The session will clarify the need for risk assessment as a part of an organization’s disaster preparedness strategy, provide basic information on risk assessment tools and practices, and address how risk assessment can benefit performing arts organizations. The instructors will also present case studies as a part of the session, so participants can learn from actual disasters in performing arts organizations.
Instructor: Tom Clareson

Lessons Learned from the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival Shooting
Dec. 1, 2022, at 12 pm ET.
Description: Director of the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, Kelly Hubbard, was attending day 3 of the Festival in Las Vegas in 2017 with her daughter and a few friends when someone opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 attendees. Fifty-eight attendees died that evening, with hundreds more severely injured, making that night the worst mass shooting to date in our Country’s history. Kelly speaks as a survivor and as an emergency manager on the events of that evening to help others in her profession and the entertainment and hospitality industry to improve extensive event planning and mass casualty response. This session will reflect on lessons for all parties involved in sizeable pop-up location event planning and mass casualty response. Learning outcomes will include considerations for security and safety in pop-up venues, coordination concepts with local government partners, understanding the response and recovery process, concerns for integration of non-traditional response partners, and trauma care for survivors and staff. Concepts such as integrating those who may not think they have a role (such as the hotels that became triage and shelter centers with no warning) will be covered. The insight will be provided on how survivors of traumatic events get information regarding hospitals, Family Assistance Centers, and recovery resources, especially when watching the news is experiencing the trauma all over again.
Instructor: Kelly Hubbard

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