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Neo Noir short film audition

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Audition/Theatre Opportunity - DEADLINE :  
Neo Noir short film audition




Open audition on Sunday February 12 from 1-4pm at Cap City Video Lounge, 2790-2 W. Tennessee St, Tallahassee, Florida 32304!!!!!!!
We are casting a 22-minute neo-noir short film to be shot over the next few months in Tallahassee, FL. Copy, credit, food only. Roles needed:
Dr. James Wilder (30)–a formerly aspiring doctor whose life has gone a little south recently. Nice guy, but with a fading moral compass.
Robert Johnson (40s)–the local crime boss. In the extreme, really not a nice guy.
Sarah (20s)–the local crime boss’s wife who is dead set on killing him, and using James to do it.
Sheriff (anyone who can play a sheriff)–the cop interrogating James about what happened just before the movie started.
Various cops.
If interested or have questions, message me (or email for script and audition date.


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