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Actors Needed for Smoke on the Mountain

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Actors Needed for Smoke on the Mountain




MadCo is looking to cast a female and a male to play twins for a production of Smoke on the Mountain. Must look approximately 16 years old but can be anywhere from age 12 to early 30s. Must be able to play at least one stringed instrument, preferably a fiddle (violinists–we can teach you enough to fiddle if you don’t know the style). Both actors must play at least one stringed instrument or be willing to learn one: guitar, banjo, mandolin, stand up bass, ukulele. Must also sing and act, as every actor performs a 15 minute monologue in the show. These roles also sing solos and duets as well as harmonize. We will train you in the bluegrass style of music. You may be asked to learn a small amount of music on various stringed instruments. 

We are also looking for an actress who can learn or already knows sign language. Her character is the “untalented, old maid” sister at the age of 18 to 25. Does not have to be a singer, but would add to group harmonies–no solos, but has a powerful end of show monologue. Plays some percussion.

Please call Melanie Mays at 850-321-0036 for an audition ASAP. Rehearsals begin end of February. Show will run from April 20 through April 29, and a few possible bookings elsewhere. Non-traditional casting accepted. Please call, even if your main instrument is outside of the bluegrass genre. It is possible to use other instruments in this show and teach you enough of the stringed instruments to work.


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  1. am not interested in auditioning, but willing to assist one or more of your actors in learning and playing the autoharp: I not only teach at my local church, but renovate autoharps to be musical instruments again, and have for the past 8 years competed in the western world's autoharp contest at Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in in Pennsylvania. Need no renumeration for this; happy to

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