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Kresge Foundation Arts & Culture Grant

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Kresge Foundation Arts & Culture Grant



There are currently no grant opportunities available. Please check back another time.


Focus on Creative Placemaking, an approach to community development and urban planning that integrates arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies. Kresge’s unique niche in Creative Placemaking is their commitment to influence community development-related systems and practices that expand opportunities for low-income people in disinvested communities in American cities.

Creative approaches are required to meaningfully address the systemic barriers facing low-income residents. As part of a suite of solutions, arts, culture and community-engaged design can influence the built environment, enhance engagement, give residents a sense of agency, and contribute to the narrative of a place. We believe these are pre-conditions for lasting change.  Through our grants and investments, we seek to make Creative Placemaking an integral element of equitable community development and urban planning practices.

Investment through these focus areas:

Local Systems: They fund Creative Placemaking initiatives that challenge norms and ways of working within city-wide systems such as government agencies, health and human services networks, community finance agencies, and food systems.

Placed Based: They support established organizations that have a demonstrated commitment and track record of using Creative Placemaking as an approach to improving the conditions of low income people in neighborhoods.

What They Fund:

  • The Arts & Culture Program exclusively supports Creative Placemaking activities as earlier described.
  • Competitive applications will include the following set of core characteristics of Creative Placemaking. (Please note that the Arts & Culture Program has fully committed its 2018 allocation. We welcome the opportunity to review letters of inquiry for consideration in 2019).
  • Infuses creativity (arts, culture and community-engaged design) into comprehensive community development and urban planning practices.
  • Builds on a community’s assets and distinctive attributes, recognizing and highlighting narratives of place.
    Is cross-sector and cross-disciplinary – collaborations of multiple partners from different sectors (public/private) and disciplines (arts, health, environment, human services).
  • Takes root in economically distressed communities and ensures that residents with low incomes contribute to, engage in, benefit from, and are empowered by activities.

They do not fund: planning efforts, arts, design or community development projects conceived and executed by a single organization, nor initiatives with limited regard for the impact of the proposed initiatives on low-income residents in that specific locale. In addition, we generally do not fund:

  • Cultural and arts district planning, project planning or architectural design processes.
  • One-time beautification projects such as public art and murals, art classes and workshops, performances including outreach or civic engagement projects.
  • Commercial corridor, market rate residential and retail developments.
  • Capital campaigns for cultural facilities, parks, playgrounds or outdoor cultural venues.
  • Neighborhood branding projects.
  • Farmers markets or community gardens.
  • Creative Placemaking initiatives that fall outside Kresge’s criteria may be eligible for funding from our partners, ArtPlace America and the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Funding Process
  • Types of available funding: We use a full array of funding and investment tools to foster change, including project grants, operating support and program-related investments. Program-related investments may take the form of direct loans, guarantees that provide credit support to borrowers, equity investments, or linked deposits. (Learn more about our social investing.)

They accept and review inquiries for grants in our Local Systems and Place-Based Initiatives focus areas on an ongoing basis; there is no deadline.


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