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Funds for Academic, Educational or Creative Projects about "Ancient Literature, Language or History" Available

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Funding - DEADLINE :  
Funds for Academic, Educational or Creative Projects about "Ancient Literature, Language or History" Available




The Society for Classical Studies is accepting applications for the “Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities” initiative (formerly known as “Classics Everywhere”). The application deadline is October 13, 2023.

The “Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities” provides mini-grants of $2,000 to projects that “engage individuals, groups and communities in critical discussion of and creative expression related to the ancient Mediterranean, the global reception of Greek and Roman culture and the history of teaching and scholarship in the field of classical studies.” Eligible programs must work with their communities and/or create pathways for knowledge exchange beyond the classroom to engage broader publics. Possible projects include but aren’t limited to:

  • Public lectures;
  • Readings;
  • Discussion groups;
  • Performances;
  • Summer, after-school and weekend programs for school-age children;
  • Visual arts exhibitions and installations;
  • Podcasts; and
  • Videos.

Events and programs may focus on:

  • Ancient languages;
  • Works of literature, art, architecture and culture;
  • Ancient history;
  • Contemporary works inspired by or reacting against the ancient world; or
  • The history of classical teaching and scholarship.

Grant funds may be used for:

  • Space rental;
  • Audiovisual or other technology costs;
  • Honoraria;
  • Props or supplies necessary for the program; or
  • Travel/accommodations costs for speakers, event leaders and/or participants.

The committee is particularly interested in projects that focus on long traditions of engagement with ancient Mediterranean culture that have been excluded from classics curricula; projects proposed by rather than for historically underrepresented minoritized communities; interdisciplinary collaborations; artistic projects and creative adaptations; projects involving global reception and comparative approaches; and projects that are critical of classics as it has been practiced and structured as a discipline. Any project that appropriates the classical world in order to promote ideologies of hate and exclusion will not be funded.

For more information, or to apply, click here.

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