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FSU College of Social Work: Call for Actors

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Audition/Theatre Opportunity - DEADLINE :  
FSU College of Social Work: Call for Actors



The FSU College of Social Work is casting for a series of videos to film December 1-8.  The shoots will be 1 or 2 days each. The videos will attempt to re-create real counseling sessions and will be used as part of a larger educational curriculum being developed by the School of Social Work for instructional use. Some of these scenarios may be triggering. This is a paid opportunity. Non-Union. Florida and Georgia residents preferred.

ROLES AVAILABLE ARE AS FOLLOWS (All are lead or supporting roles):

Social Workers

Georgia Mills: Female, Caucasian, 60’s, warm but firm when necessary

Maria Davis: Female, Hispanic, 20’s, probing yet gentle

Angela Peterson: Female, any race, 20’s-30’s, efficient while also understanding

Alice Washington: Female, African American, 40’s, warm and nurturing

Peter Wiley: Male, Caucasian or Hispanic, 40’s, accommodating and kind

Andrew Lloyd: Male, Caucasian, late 20’s, fit and clean-cut. Well-meaning but uses microaggressions.



Sarah Jacobs: Female, Caucasian, 40’s. Defensive and over-worked. Battling depression. Attending court-ordered counseling to keep custody of her children.

Janine Jones: Female, African American, 13-16. A victim of sexual abuse, she is confused and hurting.

Cathy Swarenson: Female, mixed race, 20’s. A teenager when her son was born of a sexual assault, she is struggling to support her children, but is a good and caring mother despite her personal trauma.

Paul Swarenson: Male, mixed race, 8-11. Cathy’s son who loves and defends his mother.

Trevor Johnson: Male, African-American, 18-20. Talks to people who are not there but is calmed by them. Nevertheless, this spooks his roommates who report him and use microaggressions in their relationship with him.

Noah and Mark: Male, Caucasian, 18-21. Trevor’s roommates. Mark is the more alpha of the two.

Janice Murphy: Female, Caucasian, early 40’s. Struggles with a sick child and an alcoholic partner, but still tries to put on a happy demeanor.

John Douglas: Male, African American, 40’s. A veteran who suffers from PTSD.


If you are interested and could make yourself available during our filming window (and have not appeared in another FSU School of Social Work video), please email Erika Stone at with the subject line CASTING and indicate the role you are interested in and you will be sent sides and instructions for submitting a self-tape. This is time sensitive, so please reach out ASAP.


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