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FRUIT 1 Juried Exhibition

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FRUIT 1 Juried Exhibition




Juried Exhibition
January 6 – 27

Fruit is a common symbol in many different types of artworks from historical paintings, etchings to contemporary sculpture, video or installation. The imagery has been shown to display acts of morality, wealth, knowledge, temptation and innocence as well as more literal ideas of growth and decay.  FRUIT 1 to us is a way to celebrate a successful, fruitful and juicy SEASON 1, 2016 AND of course the beginning of a new, fresh year. SOUP is asking artists to create unique artworks portraying fruit in all its different forms.

“I think that if you shake the tree, you ought to be around when the fruit falls to pick it up” – Mary Cassatt (Mary!)

Good luck in 2017 everyone! Have an amazing start to the New Year. Join SOUP’s celebration by applying below OR attending Friday the 6th!

How to Submit:

1. 2 (72 dpi) images labeled Last_First submitted to
2. $10 – 2 artworks submitted (payed online via our PayPal Link)
+ $5 each additional work (artists can submitted unlimitted)
*submissions will not be considered unless fee is paid

Dates to submit:
November 28 –  December 16

Accepted Works Notified
December 23

Drop off
January  3
11 am – 5 pm


Liz Miller

Who is she?

Liz Miller is an installation artist who lives outside of Mankato, Mn in the small town of Good Thunder. Liz creates giant colorful, felt, fabric and paper installations. Her beautiful symbols within the install interconnect, interwine and hang freely as they drape to the floor. Participants can freely walk and explore her felt creations, and upon closer inspection of the work, the beautiful decorative elements are a mirage of patterns, guns, explosives and weapons that act as a comment on culture’s way of beautifying violence. Liz has exhibited throughout the U.S as well as a recipient of various national level awards such as Mcknight, Jerome, Joan Mitchell award + residency, Bemis residency and Redux residency just to name a few. Other than her work, Liz is a professor of drawing and installation art at Minnesota State Univerisity. Her and her husband David are avid runners, juicers and poodle owners. If you look at her fb or instagram feed she is growing her hair out in a personal project of hers! (LIZ sorry this personal description is subpar. :/) Check out her work via the link below.

Thank you Liz Miller for being the Juror of SOUP experimental’s first ever juried exhibition, FRUIT 1!

All mediums can apply

Returning of work
All shipped works must have prepaid packaging, labels and shipping.

SOUP holds no responsibility for artworks damaged during shipping.



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