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Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

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Funding - DEADLINE :  
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs




Next Deadline: June 1, 2017 (General Program Support, Specific Cultural Project, Cultural Facilities, Cultural Endowment State Matching Share)

Application Available: April 1, 2017


After reading through the guidelines, use our online application system at to submit applications for General Program Support, Specific Cultural Projects, Fast Track, and Cultural Facilities. To apply for Cultural Endowment grants, visit the program page for application instructions. Guidelines and applications for the Individual Artist Funding Program will be available soon.

Eligible applications are reviewed by panelists who are practicing artists and qualified professionals in their cultural discipline. Applications are scored during panel meetings, which are a public process usually conducted by teleconference. View the full panel meeting schedule here. You can also click here to nominate a panelist.

Panel meeting results are reported to the Florida Council on Arts and Culture who then send ranked lists to the Florida Secretary of State for review and approval. The approved lists are then added to the Department of State’s Legislative Budget Request and submitted to the Florida Legislature.

Funding decisions for the Division’s grant programs are made during the Legislative Session. Consider following these advocacy tips; you may be able to increase opportunities for funding your grant.

For assistance, contact the program manager for your grant type and discipline. Visit our Help By Program page for contact information.

Current grantees can access grant forms and required documents at Managing Your Grants.

You can find example applications and the most recent list of grant awards and recommendations in the Grant Resources section.


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  1. Hello, I would like to receive notification when the application becomes available with a link to the application, please.


  2. I would like too have an application. Franklin County is deprived of art because the mass is below the poverty level. This would help to give some art to the ones that hunger for it.


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