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Executive Director

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Executive Director



The Tallahassee Youth Orchestras seek a dynamic Executive Director for a 30hr per week professional position for administering its programs and maintaining its position as the premiere pre-college orchestral training program in the Big Bend area. The Executive Director is responsible for the management of all human and financial resources needed to achieve TYO’s mission. To that end, the Executive Director is accountable for all aspects of the organization and for implementing policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for presenting positive images and conveying compelling narratives to young musicians, parents, donors, and members of the community regarding organizational programs and the youth orchestra’s role in music education.

As the sole managerial employee of the TYO, the Executive Director’s duties include, but are not limited to managing and overseeing all aspects of the organization, including financials, fundraising, volunteers, personnel, marketing, recruitment, database and website maintenance, scholarships, and operations.

The TYO Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and works in close contact with TYO Music Director Dr. Alexander Jiménez and Associate Music Director Mr. Chris Miller.

Compensation: $23,000 – $27,000 / depending on experience.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree with management experience; excellent communication and writing skills; demonstrated leadership skills and ability to collaborate with staff, Board of Directors, community members, students, and parents.

Preferred skills: grant-writing and fundraising experience; knowledge of music; possible background in music education

To apply: Send cover letter and resume/CV (including references) to by July 25th.

Organization description: The Tallahassee Youth Orchestras (TYO), led by Dr. Alexander Jiménez, is the premier orchestral training program of Florida’s Big Bend area. The TYO believes that one of the best ways to ensure that classical music is a thriving part of our community is to win over the hearts and minds of young people.

Our goal is to provide high quality music education programs that cultivate the next generation of musicians and patrons of the arts. The activities of the TYO are meant to help transform our community into one that more fully recognizes the power and importance of musical literacy, and one that leads the state in its support of music education.

The TYO offers four orchestras designed for various levels of playing ability, from beginning strings to an advanced symphony orchestra. Additionally, the TYO has four chamber ensembles (string quartet, woodwind quintet, brass quintet and percussion ensemble) and assists TYO members in forming additional ensembles.

The TYO offers partial scholarships for young students in need of financial assistance, made possible in part by funding from Capital City Bank Group, Publix Super Market Charities, FSU Credit Union, and the Tallahassee Music Guild. The TYO is also grateful for the assistance of its private donors and the in-kind support it receives from the Florida State University College of Music.

Tallahassee Youth Orchestras Executive Director Duties

  1. Serve as an ambassador to the community, solidifying TYO’s purpose as an educational cultural resource. Be the liaison between the students, parents, Music Director, Board of Directors, volunteers, and coaches. Coordinate communications with the TYO students and parents, answering questions and concerns, providing information, returning messages, etc.
  2. Manage TYO database and communicate as needed with each orchestra group (messages from ensemble director, rehearsal changes, etc.)
  3. Maintain TYO website including posting of rehearsal schedule, audition materials, and requirements, current parent forms, current handbook, etc.
  4. Coordinate recruitment of TYO members with TYO Music Director and music teachers. Schedule, coordinate and implement annual auditions.
  5. Maintain list of area string teachers and keep them updated about TYO events and auditions.
  6. Prepare and maintain accurate registration records and fee payments for each enrolled tuition or scholarship student.
  7. Coordinate and advise scholarship review and application process.
  8. Schedule rehearsal, concert and reception events with appropriate auditoriums/venues, outside sponsors, and performance and stage personnel. Confirm schedule and reservations as deemed necessary.
  9. Prepare attendance sheets for all TYO events. Ensure volunteers are present to take attendance, and ensure the attendance policy is enforced.
  10. Arrange transportation of all equipment, students, and personnel as well as accommodations, when necessary, for students and students’ families and orchestra personnel.
  11. Prepare, using subcontractors as necessary and within budget, all TYO brochures, concert programs, posters and publicity materials, including but not limited to press releases, public service announcements, print advertisements, presentations to civic clubs and other organizations, radio and television interviews and advertising.
  12. Collect and record tuition, fees and donations.
  13. Maintain payroll for TYO conductors, coaches, and tutors. Run payroll through QuickBooks payroll services. File quarterly and yearly payroll tax forms with the IRS.
  14. Maintain accounts payable for the TYO. Using Quickbooks, keep banking and finances up-to-date and reconcile account to bank account monthly.
  15. Seek funding through corporations, foundations and government agencies as appropriate, preparing grant proposals and reports. Identify and develop relationships with potential individual and corporate contributors to the TYO, and maintain communications with current and past contributors.
  16. Secure ads for TYO concert programs and sponsors for concert sponsorships.
  17. Assist in preparation of annual TYO budget with TYO Music Director and Board of Directors.
  18. Ensure that all financial, legal and liability waivers, permissions and coverage are in place for any and all events for the TYO.
  19. Ensure that all sales tax from sales of TYO merchandise and TYO community initiative merchandise is collected, reported, and deposited quarterly with the Florida Department of Revenue.
  20. Organize all TYO scholarship programs and keep records of success of scholarship students and oversee that scholarship policies are honored.


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