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Community Works Experience Program

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Community Works Experience Program



Our program currently places our participants in different worksites which allows them to gain skills to assist them in becoming more marketable when trying to find permanent employment. These benefits are no cost to the employer, we just ask that you aid them in developing the skills that they can develop in your company. Listed below is some brief information on our programs, if you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time out to review our work experience programs.


Purpose: Work Experience is one of the countable activities for the WT (welfare transition)  and SNAP (food stamps) Programs. The activity is designed to provide WT/SNAP customers an opportunity to gain the work skills necessary to obtain employment by placing them with local employers to learn work skills in a structured and supervised work environment. Established by a signed agreement with an employer, the work experience activity facilitates the customer’s acquisition and development of the work skills necessary to transition into employment.


The Community Works Experience Program is a program that is mandated by the State of Florida that requires certain individuals to complete volunteer hours based on the amount of assistance they receive/minimum wage. This calculation is done by the Career Specialist and it will be made available to the worksites before someone is placed on their site. The age group for this program is ranges anywhere from 16-50.


The participants in this program has a variety of skills that can be used in various industries, and based off the your requirements, that will determine who is placed at your worksite. For example, each of the worksites are placed in a tier( with tier 3 being the highest) if you have a degree or 3 or more years of experience, those participants will be placed at a worksite that has higher requirements in order for them to gain the necessary skills.



Remember, In regards to both of our programs, they are FREE to the employer, and also you do not have to hire the participants to be a part of either program, but if they are good employees and you have an opening or future opening, we would like for you to consider them as a potential permanent employee. Also, CareerSource covers all liabilities and workman’s compensation.


For more information please contact Sheila Jones at


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