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Call for Artists: Request for Artists: City of Tallahassee Animal Services Center Mural Project

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Call for Artists: Request for Artists: City of Tallahassee Animal Services Center Mural Project


Wanted: Artist to help Tallahassee Animal Services liven up the shelter grounds with a colorful, playful, and exciting mural that celebrates our community’s love for companion animals!

Application Deadline: April 30, 2023

Installation Completion: By June 10, 2023

Project Description
The Animal Services Advisory Board in partnership with the Animal Shelter Foundation is seeking artist proposals for a mural to be placed on an outbuilding on the grounds the Animal Service Center located at 1125 Easterwood Drive in Tom Brown Park.


  • Showcase companion animals in the community and highlight the adoption services provided at the shelter.
  • Bring the community together and serve as a point of pride for shelter staff and volunteers.
  • Improve the appearance of shelter grounds and showcase the shelter as a place that is welcoming to the community.


  • The mural should be eye-catching, positive, and welcoming.
  • People who adopt a pet should be able to pose for a celebratory photo in front of the mural.
  • An ideal mural would:
    • Include a variety of companion animals that might be adopted at the shelter, including dogs, cats, and others such as guinea pigs, rabbits, or reptiles.
    • Feature dogs that are commonly seen at shelters including mixes and bully breeds (such as American Staffordshire dogs or American Pit Bull terriers) and that are presented in a positive way.

About the City of Tallahassee Animal Services Center
The Animal Service Center is an open-admission, municipal animal shelter operated by the City of Tallahassee and serving all of Leon County.

The Animal Shelter Foundation will cover the cost of supplies for this project up to $500.

Mural Site Location and Specification
The location for the proposed mural is on all sides of the small shed on the animal shelter property. This shed is currently used to store donations for the shelter.


  • The back wall of the shed measures 14’ wide, and 7’, 9.5” tall.
  • The front of the shed is the same width and height but features a door. The door is 2’ from the right side of the wall, and 8’, 8” from the left side.
  • The sides of the shed are 6’, 8” wide with pitched sides. It is 9’, 8” tall at its peak.

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