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Auditions for "Ten Acrobats In An Amazing Leap of Faith"

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Audition/Theatre Opportunity - DEADLINE :  
Auditions for "Ten Acrobats In An Amazing Leap of Faith"




Ten Acrobats In An Amazing Leap of Faith is both a new and yet incredibly familiar story about the Fawzi family chaos that goes down just hours before Iftar. Kamal, a modern day Tevye, must deal with the sudden revelation that all three of his American-born and raised children have committed either blasphemous, insane, or even sinful actions. Blaming everything from the influence of this country to his wife, Mona, and her seemingly stubborn carelessness, we witness the journey as pieces of a family struggle to come back together. But how does a family come back together when the obstacles are each other? When the blame is as large as an entire country?


Dec 3 & 4 (Sat/Sun) 11- 2 p.m.

Dec 9 & 10 (Sat/Sun) 11 – 2 p.m.

NOTE: First 8 roles listed are Arab or Arab-American, but ethnic/minorities are highly encouraged to audition for these as well. Last 2 are non-traditional casting/open roles.

KAMAL – (40’s) Husband. A modern day Tevye. Proud. Loud. Dramatic.

MONA- (40’s) Wife. Intelligent. Witty. Wise. Has a severity about her.

TAWFIQ- (20’s) Eldest son. Smart alec. Rebellious. Outspoken. Egotistical, like his father.

HUWAIDA- (20’s) Second eldest, daughter. Quirky. Funny. Intelligent. Nervous, yet Brave. Principled.

HAMZA- (20’s) Youngest son. Introvert. Pensive. Thoughtful. Observant. Curious. Gentle.

Huwaida’s Double (H.D.)- (20’s) Outgoing. Fun, Optimistic. Energized. A modern day ‘Jester’, if you will.

MURAD- (20’s) Huwaida’s to-be fiancee flying in from Egypt.
Unintentionally charming. Honest. Impulsive. Principled. Kind. Slightly awkward.

AZIZ- (50’s or 40’s) Friend of the Family, Murad’s father. Wise. Spiritual. Kooky.

PAULINE- (20’s, 30’s) Any ethnicity. Psychologist Huwaida goes to see. Professional. Compassionate. Opinionated.

KEVIN- (20’s) Any ethnicity. A student on campus. Intriguing. Cultured. Friendly. Intelligent. Open minded. *Must be comfortable with homosexuality.



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