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4th Annual Waffles & Brews Tallahassee Art Exhibition Artist Call

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4th Annual Waffles & Brews Tallahassee Art Exhibition Artist Call



Since its conception, only one art show in Tallahassee has held more than 500 attendees featuring artists from all corners of the Southeastern United States. It opened as a traditional art show and matured into an art experience. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is Waffles & Brews; hosted by the innovative minds of Alien Astronauts, an artist collective.

Following its premiere in 2013, Waffles & Brews has evolved into an annual event where artists (local and abroad) present their best work to the public. Applications are accepted prior to the show and each submission is carefully selected to ensure only culturally enriching pieces are chosen. Waffles & Brews is a free-event, where art lovers of all ages can enjoy free waffles, brews, great music, spoken word performances, and of course beautiful artisanship. Waffles & Brewstruly provides a unique, illuminate atmosphere for the Tallahassee community.



When we said ‘Art Over Industry’ we overstood it as a duty to declare freedom for all. We made it our mantra to remind ourselves, and the world, that the quality of our work was embedded within our freedom. We use creativity as a key to unlock our celestial travels. Naturally, we’ve made freedom our theme for this year’s show.

You know what time it is.

Now, we invite artists of all creeds and mediums to share their Freedom.

Submissions for the 4th Annual Waffles & Brews Tallahassee Art Exhibition are now open through November 4th, 2016.

How will you define your freedom?


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  1. In all my marketing, I refer to myself as an Artist of Whimsey. Currently I drive an artcar and travel the country entertaining people with the "Giant Frame" and the "Mini Me" frame. I am currently developing a line that I call the "Peep-Hole People". It is a photo-op booth, where u bring the camera. My art would be to set-up and decorate the frame specifically for your event and then we use

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    • Thank you for reaching out. Please send us an email at


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