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Behind the Scenes with COCA

Artist Kathy Wilcox

“Behind the Scenes with COCA” showcases artists at work in their studios. We love to see the creative process and learn more about how our artists of all genres make their artistic magic happen. Enjoy these social media albums below, and submit your own album here.

Randy Traynor

Randy Traynor is an award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer. His images have been published on magazine covers and are on display at public buildings and art galleries. He has been the Artist-in-Residence for the National Park Service and the United States Forest Service. See his feature here.

Mary Jo Spector

Artist Mary Jo Spector will be displaying her works at the Autumn Artisans Faire hosted by LeMoyne Arts. Staged entirely outside in the open air, the Faire will welcome shoppers to artisan booths set up throughout the beautiful Helen Lind Garden. See her feature here.

April Fitzpatrick

As an artist, art therapist, and founder of Pineapples with Purpose, April’s creative expression collides with her cultural exeriences, which have imposed a powerful influence on her art process and professional endeavors. She draws influence from Black psychology, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and Souls Grown Deep. See her feature here.

Seepersaud Studios

Seepersaud Studios is a multicultural and holistic music education center. They specialize in music lessons, artist development, and studio recording. Owners Chris and Therese Seepersaud are known for their versatility, kindness, and ability to tailor every lesson to individual student needs. See their feature here.

Lee Simmons

Lee retired in 1985, left North Carolina in 1991, and moved to Tallahassee to be near her daughter Terrie Corbett. Although she prefers the quiet of working alone and without deadlines, Lee does like to get together and play with new products and try different processes, often in Terrie’s and Charlie’s studio. See Lee’s feature here.

Elvi Nichols

Elvi took her first painting lessons in 2011 at Lafayette Park and has since loved it. She loves to recreate memories of places and people in her life and be surrounded by these paintings, some of which she wants to pass down to her daughter as a legacy of her past. See Elvi’s feature here.

Quia Atkinson

Quia, artist and owner of QZ Design Gallery, specializes in modern abstract and contemporary art with a focus on resin, mixed media, crystals, and glass. Her work is known for its visually stunning three-dimensional appearance with each piece being custom made and one of a kind. See Quia’s feature here.

Jeff Ripple

Jeff is dedicated to poetic realism in landscape painting. Many of his studio paintings are from imagination, drawing from experiences, contemplation, and a sense of wonder in the landscape. See Jeff’s feature here.

Debbie and Randy Brienen  

Randy and Debby are a husband and wife art team working out of their home studio in Tallahassee, FL. They recently held a front lawn art exhibit in their neighborhood. See their feature here.

Kent Putnam 

Kent is retired from a legal career and now devotes his time and efforts to photography. His favorite subjects include landscapes, architecture, and patterns of light and shadow. See Kent’s feature here.

Jim Russell  

Jim is immersed in painting works inspired by his emotional and experiential drives. Jim says he loves to paint everything but especially enjoys paintings heavy in emotional symbolism. See Jim’s feature here.

Natalia Andreeva    

Natalia is an artist from Novosibirsk, Siberia. During her classical education in the canons of European art, she was greatly influenced by eastern philosophy. See Natalia’s feature here.

Deitra Kemmer

Kemmer Deitra Kemmer is a self-taught artist who specializes in upcycled crafts. She enjoys taking found materials and turning them into something beautiful. See Deitra’s feature here.

Marina Brown

Marina’s studio is modestly located in her home and consists of an art table, four-drawer cloth chest, and easel. She is surrounded by memorabilia from family and travels, as well as award-winning books that she has written. See Marina’s feature here.

Kathy Wilcox

Artist Kathy Wilcox works with enamel, a vitreous powdered glass that is fused to copper by firing in a kiln. Her favorite enamels to work on are wall pieces that often depict plants and animal life, particularly birds and fish. See Kathy’s feature here.

Yoshiko Murdick

Yoshiko’s Art House welcomes all who are interested in art, especially watercolors. Her paintings include a variety of subject matters such as people, landscapes, waterbirds, and abstract images. See Yoshiko’s feature here.

Erica Passage

In her small backyard studio, Erica creates one-of-a-kind handmade pottery inspired by the lush Florida landscape, fleeting moments found in nature with her favorite cat Lil Sheba. See Erica’s feature here.

Diane Dyal

Diane has a number of easels where she paints her large-, medium-, and small-scale acrylic paintings with plenty of room for reference materials. She enjoys painting, creating, making greeting cards, and photographing daily. See Diane’s feature here.

Ken Misner

Ken’s work is primarily about life in Florida and the American South. In his Tallahassee studio, he produces reality-based or abstract works. See Ken’s feature here.

Terrie Corbett

Terrie uses traditional painting and drawing techniques combined with personal mark-making to create abstract and expressive pieces. She enjoys challenging the rules, the materials, and the processes. See Terrie’s feature here.

Lesley Nolan

Lesley loves the ability to make a creative mess and close the door until the next day, cleaning later to clear her head and the studio for the next creation. See Lesley’s feature here.

Miriam Tellechea

Miriam teaches violin and viola at her private studio to students of all ages. In addition to private instruction, she also performs with many orchestras in the region including the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and the Mobile Symphony Orchestra. See Miriam’s feature here.

Ruth Nickens

Ruth’s Glass Creations had its humble beginnings on top of her washing machine. When she outgrew that, she built a bigger house with a huge garage, half of which was transformed into her studio. See Ruth’s feature here.