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Tselote Holley

“Exploring the dynamics of African culture and tapping into my internal energies from all ranges, allows me to focus my research on identity and vulnerable expressions.” Through the exploration of identity, I create artwork that is a conjunction of African influences and spiritual guides used with different materials such as, fabric, beads, wire, charcoal, and clay. The artwork transcends to an abstract shape-shifting presence of self-portraiture.

Within this focus, I pay close attention to the conceptual ideas of a layered soul, a layered mind, and a layered figure. I use the woman body as a focus because of my obsessions with myself and the woman of this world. My body of work battles and creates a world of woman domination, due to the masculine foundational standings our society were built upon. My objective is to create a sensational shift in women culture, in finding our true selves, and understanding our infinite essence in our spirit, and to be able to transfer this infinite mind through our presence on earth.


Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

I offer classes from all ranges. I am open to leading courses that teach children or adults how to paint their desired image, or speak to students on my experience in choosing this career path.

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes
Type of lesson (Private and/or Group): Private, Group

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