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Roopali Kambo, M.F.A.

Roopali Kambo

Roopali Kambo, MFA: Fulbright Scholar, Professor, Fine Artist, Graphic Designer

Roopali Kambo, draws upon her multicultural experiences as the basis for her paintings. Her consciousness of distinct historic sensibility provokes a visceral connection to human emotions transcended by time and geographical location. The artist’s style has a modernist, abstract quality while the images draw inspiration from the unique cultures of the world: the old with the new, side by side, always evolving, constantly changing.

“I believe that creativity is spiritual, whatever the medium. I like to think of my paintings as visual poetry, a glimpse into the soul. My work is both abstract and representational; a combination of loose gestural strokes and bold color that make the canvases exude primal vigor and spiritual power. My work derives its inspiration from personal experiences and historical references – the places I have traveled – the people I have met. My paintings tell a story. I see these as pieces of human architecture, as they convey emotion through form.”

With a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. in graphic design, Roopali’s interests and work, overlaps creative realms and mediums. Her work is now in many public and private collections. As a recipient of a Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant for 2018-2019 (research), she examines, and gives visual form to type design trends in non-Latin scripts as it applies within the cultural, social, geographical, and technological context.


Gender: I identify as Female
Ethnicity: Southeast Asian

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