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Rob Nixon

My digital compositions employ a range of elements, including my original photography and found/collected images and objects (such as vintage book illustrations, linen postcards, game boards and paper dolls) that carry historical and cultural references. The combination and juxtaposition of elements create new meanings and visions, often with an edge of social/cultural/political critique and satire, as well as meditations on the human presence on the planet. I frequently work with old family photos (particularly the most recent “Damage” series, which uses the deterioration of Polaroids I took many years ago) – reframing, deconstructing, reworking and reimagining them, often taking them out of their original contexts and relocating them, to discover something new or previously hidden. Sometimes this results in a different, unexpected story. Sometimes it creates a sense of mystery by drawing attention to the offscreen space. Often it changes or reveals something new about the “characters” in the original photo or image, a shift in their relationships with each other as well as in the relationships to their physical, social, and historical environments. In some pieces, I’ve found purely abstract possibilities in small segments of an image and even in the physical wear and tear on the original prints themselves.

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