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Perrone Ford

Hello, and thank you for visiting my artist page.  My name is Perrone Ford and I am a photographer.

These days, I mostly shoot my sports for Florida State University and do ballet for Pas de Vie Ballet. Occasionally I will do fashion, swimsuit, and a few other genres.


My “style”

All photographers develop a style and an “eye” as they mature in their craft.  My own style leads me to more “natural” photography.  I shoot fashion with mostly quite clean faces.   I shoot sports as though I was participating in them.  I prefer to shoot dance in a stage or rehearsal setting.   I realize this style will not suit everyone.  I do veer from this ideal from time to time, but I’ve found it serves me well, and I prefer working with clients who share the same ideals.


My Studio

I am now primarily shooting on location.  Occasionally, I will shoot projects at my home where I maintain a small portrait studio.  I also enjoy shoots at the beach or at local parks.
Booking Rates

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How to find me

I maintain media presence on the web at this location, on Facebook as PTFPhoto on Facebook, on Twitter as @PTFPhoto, Instagram as @PTFPhoto, Google Plus as +PTFPhoto, and I keep a back catalog at PTFPhoto Archive.  I can be reached by phone at (850) 391-1515 (please leave a message) and by email at PTFPhoto Email   My online calendar is located at PTFPhoto Online calendar


Thank you for your interest


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