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What is my art?  I paint contemporary realism.  My preferred medium now are oils. I worked years in acrylics since I hate having to spend so much time cleaning brushes and I liked that my paintings are dry within hours. But now all that has changed. I love being able to work the next day in wet paint and the brushes really are no bother.   My latest works have been mainly portraits.  A number of years ago the Gasparilla Art Festival in Tampa  accepted me as an “emerging artist”.  There was much interest in my portraits, so I have decided to pursue this much further.  Working with well known and lessor known photographers around the world, my current work is based on their children.

I do like to recharge by plein air painting and do quite a bit of photography, my actual major in art school at the University of Georgia.  I love the big massive clouds, marshes, swamps and wild places we have in Florida and what may be hidden within.

I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Which by the way, I am the owner of a comic bookstore.

My studio and work can be seen at Renditions An Art Space in Railroad Square Art Park.

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