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Nathan Illig

I was born in Massachusetts in 1977. I started drawing at age 5. i’ve done multimedia and ceramic sculpture / oil, watecolor and acrylic painting / but mostly black and white sharpie drawings. my art is inspired by equal parts dr. seuss / salvador dali / h.r. giger / and the artistic quality of x-rays.


i also play guitar and compose music. i have on and off since the age of 13 when my grandfather (a jazz guitarist, now passed) taught me my first song on guitar awhile on vacation with the family in upper new york state. my grandfather also gave me my first electric guitar which i banged up and around on over the next several years first playing rock and metal / then folk later on jazz (and just a pinch of classical). i’ve also done some electronic music. my music is inspired by aphex twin / j.s. bach / john coltrane / and the band ‘tool.’ my music is on


i also write. about 25 books. nothing published. mostly poetry of many genres (some dark) and also some comedy and miscellaneous musings on the printed page. my writing is inspired by hunter thompson / shel silverstein / lewis carroll / and lawrence ferlighetti.


i also did a short / animated film which is on my youtube channel.

animinnow – YouTube


  • "3 blind mice :1" watercolor

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