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Natalia Andreeva

Natalia Andreeva emerged as an artist from the rich and fertile artistic climate of Novosibirsk, in Siberia after graduating from it’s most prestigious art college. During her classical education in the canons of European art she was greatly influenced by eastern philosophy. Consequentially, Natalia’s work is a harmonious marriage between spontaneous expressions and classical realism.

Among Natalia’s favorite themes are exquisite landscapes, depicting the subtlety of nature, still life, where vibrant shapes and internal dynamics are shown in contrast to the commonplace subjects, and finally, figures and portraits brimming with humanity, and giving testament to the beauty and harmony of the human condition.

Natalia holds Signature Membership Status in the American Impressionist Society.

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Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

Private and group lessons and workshops on watercolor, oil or drawing. Paint Along on Wednesdays. Offering workshops and demos with a guest artists. Private sessions and consultation - online (Zoom) sessions. If you are interested in improving your art skills, if you need a quick advice or would like to follow through with a formal educational course, or just need some honest critique I am open for online private or group sessions via zoom. Please contact me for details. Email:

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes
Type of lesson (Private and/or Group): Private, Group


  • Carousel, oil, 12"x16"


  • In this video I create a watercolor painting titled Red Gazebo, 8x10 inches.

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