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Medusa Phase

Medusa Phase is an experimental soft pop band with heavy progressive songwriting and synthesizer leanings. The group’s debut album, Negative Space, was tracked under quarantine and will be released on the Woodford Halse label (Doncaster, UK) in Spring 2022. Reminiscent of obscure pop from the 70s-80s but undeniably a personal document of the present, Negative Space showcases singer Isabella Folmar’s feathery, inimitable vocal melodies alongside arranger Davis Maloch’s luminous warped synthesizers, humanistic retro drum programming, and off kilter analog production. Addison Kane’s melodic, solid bass lines ground the tracks with an instinctual and deep pop sensibility. Not exactly your average quarantine album, Negative Space contains a highly precise sort of songcraft that is all the while powerful and vulnerable, immediate and within reach of a deep and utterly strange synthetic ocean floor. Medusa Phase is always working on new songs and video concepts, and hopes to organize a tour showcasing each in the near future.

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