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Marshall Jones

Dr. Marshall Jones is a composer, pianist, hornist, church musician, and educator.

Currently, Marshall is a freelance composer and tutor in the Tallahassee area. Previously, Dr. Jones has served as director of music in churches throughout the southeastern United States. Most recently, he served as a graduate assistant teaching composition, music theory, and aural skills at Florida State University. Marshall recently completed his D.M. in Music Theory and Composition at Florida State University. Marshall also earned an M.M. in Composition from the University of South Florida and a B.M.E. in Music Education from The College of Wooster.

Marshall’s acoustic works have been featured as part of the Cortona Sessions for New Music 2016, the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium 2014, the International Horn Symposium 2015, and regional SCI Conferences in 2012 and 2015.

His electroacoustic works have been featured as part of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Soundcrawl:Nashville, and the Ammermann Center’s Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology. His orchestral work Paramnesis won the FSU Orchestral Composition Competition. His works have been performed by members of the Semiosis Quartet, the JACK Quartet, the FSU Horn Choir, the Florida State University Philharmonia Orchestra, and members of the Greater Cleveland Flute Society.

Current commissions Marshall is composing include a work for two saxophones andpiano and a work for soprano, flute, and

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I offer tutoring in music theory and aural skills. I also offer private lessons in composition, piano, and horn.

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  • Trivium is a set of three pieces for solo violin that was premiered at the 2016 Cortona Sessions for New Music in Cortona, Italy. The pieces were written with a pedagogical intent as

  • This performance of my String Quartet is from the Spring 2016 New Music Ensemble Concert at Florida State University. The first two movements were originally written for the Eppes Quartet in 2013-2014 and the third movement was added later. This was the premiere performance of the complete quartet including the third movement.

  • Tetractic Inflections is a work for four horns that explores the many timbral possibilities of the horn. This recording is from the premiere at FSU in Spring 2016.

  • A lesser known poem from early in Edgar Allan Poe\'s life (when he was 19 years old) , this text features a shifting back and forth between remembering this lake with fear and fondness. In this setting, I tried to capture that tension between these two ways of remembering the lake. This performance is from a performance in Spring of 2016 at FSU.

  • The title is a mashup of two words: paramnesia and anamnesis. I\'ll just let you look them up. It was written in 2008-2009 and was premiered by the FSU University Philharmonia Orchestra in February of 2016 after having been selected the winner in the FSU Orchestral Composition Competiion in 2015.


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