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  1. I saw a painting by Judith Nable at the Gadsden county art museum. It was multi faceted. I would like to learn more about her techniques. Does she have a workshop or something like that?


  2. Hi Judith. I am a quilter snd my sister Holly was a painter. She died over ten years ago and I have several of her unfinished works. I’m thinking I want to try to finish them with fabric like your pictures but I don’t want to ruin them. So I’m trying to figure out if they are mod podge or glued down then glazed over with lacquer. I’d appreciate some advice. I don’t want to ruin her work

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  3. Did you live in the Apalachee Ridge Estates on either Harwood or Apache in the late 50's/early 60's? If so, then I remember when you were painting a group of horses that were, I think, running down a canyon. As a child it amazed me that you were using white glue on your painting.


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