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Jenn Egelfeld

Jenn Egelfeld (b. 1995) is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Tampa, FL whose primary focuses range from woodworking to papermaking to artist books. In addition to her fine arts practice, she is also the creator and workshop facilitator of Fiber + Thread, a workshop series dedicated to teaching DIY, ecologically-based skills. Jenn is the recipient of the Ann Kirn Award and Bess H. Ward Award from Florida State University, where she holds a BFA in Studio Art. Her work predominantly explores and critiques prevailing cultural perceptions of and between the natural and artificial worlds.


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Jenn Egelfeld is the organizer and instructor for Fiber & Thread, a workshop series dedicated to promoting the exchange of crafting knowledge and the use of natural materials in making art. Workshops predominantly feature hand papermaking and book binding.


  • The Botanical Nature of Architecture

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