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Jeffrey Mallo

In my creative work I sculpt, I design, I plan, I draw, construct, and imagine. I use my art as an extension of my emotions and opinions to create visually a message I want to be heard. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas. Living in the year 2020 inspires me everyday on the basis that we are living in the future. Our world was not as gifted in information and technology as it was 50 years ago.. 20 years ago.. 5 years ago.. even 3 months ago. The world surrounding us is ever changing and I find beauty in this new mode of thinking that comes with my generation.
There was a point in time when we heard our parents say things like “Don’t post your personal information on the internet,” but now we use the internet as a tool to elevate our businesses and connections. We live in a world where artificial intelligent machines are real, reusable rocket ships are real, climate change is real. Our imagination and our technology are finally catching up to one another and the possibilities are endless. Instances like this drive me to look at what the next best thing could be, and it could be anything. Art has also followed this path with new ways of circulating ideas between artists and modes of creating those ideas.
My work expresses my interest in thinking, logic, and creativity when paired with design to produce pieces that evoke this excitement when discussing this sort of future nostalgia. I strive to find what strikes us as astounding in art.

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