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Jeff Beekman

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose work since early-2000 has explored the interrelationships between land, memory and human activity.  My work has been exhibited across the U.S., and internationally at venues in New Zealand, Australia, China, Vietnam, England, Italy, Hungary and South Korea.

For the past three years, my work has focused on U.S. Civil War battlefield sites. This began with an investigation of how memorialized sites like Gettysburg have evolved from the broken fields where thousands fell and died, to the manicured locations they are today. More recent investigation have shifted to investigate specifically those places where USCT (U.S. Colored Troop) regiments fought, many of which have not been memorialized or protected.

I teach in the Department of Art at Florida State University, where I am an Assistant Professor, the Area Head of the Foundations Program, and the Director of the BA Program.



Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

I am very open to visiting classes at any level to talk about my work and research. In 2017, lecture venues include the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Clemson University, and the Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum. In 2018, I have been invited to speak at the international War, Literature & the Arts Conference, hosted by the U.S. Air Force Academy, which is also hosting a solo exhibition of my work.

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes


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