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Jack Perez Hernandez

My work tends to be translated through multiple mediums as I explore concepts that interest me, mainly examining the human figure. I tend to zoom into the figure and translate motion through severe cropping and texture. Since experimentation takes priority as I find my preferences, most of my work is mixed media.

I’d like to not only make, but also contribute to conversations, and as a Puerto Rican trans and queer person, I’m part of communities that need more exposure. My biggest goal is to inspire. I personally find that passion and curiosity are driving forces not only in myself but in others. I admire passion, I love listening to people talk about their interests and what they love.  I know that I want to fuel other artist’s passions, to push conversations that need to happen and show people like me that they exist and can do something about their needs. Currently a BFA student at FSU.


  • Untitled. (2018) 15"X20" reclaimed wood board with ceramic and acrylic medium.

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