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Dennis Howard

My pursuits in the arts include photography and acting for movies. In both endeavors, I consider myself a devoted amateur who enjoys exploring the creative process and striving to improve expressiveness and meaning through art.

Much of my photographic work tends to be “solitary in nature.” Frequent subjects include landscapes, flora, and fauna. I especially enjoy capturing small natural wonders. The camera sometimes leads me to scenes I would otherwise overlook, such as the translucent underside of a fallen leaf or the flight paths of moths drawn to light. I also like to capture cityscapes, such as quiet foggy parks or buildings cast in unusual light. One of my favorite structures to photograph is Tallahassee’s Saint John’s Episcopal Church… the historic sanctuary offers a graceful litany of light, color and shadows, grand design and detailed subtleties. (My involvement with St. John’s has also enabled me to travel a number of times to the rural countryside of Cuba, a land full of remarkable people and photographic subjects.)

In recent years, several of my photographs have been selected to appear in COCA’s Artport shows. These photos were prepared with a minimum of post-processing. I admire photographers who are talented at post-processing, but this is not yet a gift I can claim. (Recently, I was privileged to serve as a judge for an Artport exhibit; it afforded me the opportunity to learn more about the amazing works of local photographers.)

In contrast to the

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to open my weekly COCA email, and see your work. I'm back at St. John's, and hope we have the opportunity to chat about one of your many many gifts.



    • Great to hear that you are back. I'm looking forward to catching up with you!

      Merry Christmas,


  2. Dennis,

    I enjoyed your photos capturing a unique point of view of the natural world. Although I seldom use my camera anymore, I often snap photos of nature using a similar approach and POV.


    • Thank you, David. Is your work posted for public viewing? I'm interested in seeing it.

      Happy New Year,


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