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Dana Terry

My art is my therapy for making sense of the world and the emotions it evokes as well as the vehicle to which I pay homage to the things that most inspire me. Unfettered creativity and personal experiences are the lifeblood by which my surrealistic paintings are born. Whether it is a painting that pays tribute to cultures that have touched me or a painting that sheds light on a social issue or personal hardship, I aim for my audience to sense the meaning of each conglomerated symbolism intermingling on my canvas.

Though I had been a painter since childhood, my desire to be a successful International Affairs professional during academia shifted my mind away from its creative focus. My real artistic journey didn’t start to commence until 8 years later in 2017. It all started with a few surrealistic watercolors inspired by the flora and fauna of Nicaragua where I had spent the past few years initiating capacity building projects under various NGOs. These two paintings (Nicaragua Selvatica Norte and Nicaragua Selvatica Sur) inspired me to paint a similar work for my native Florida (Florida Untamed) while meeting many musically inclined Nicaraguan Medical Doctors inspired me to paint Dr. Cardio-Virtuoso.

Other pieces have delved deeper into the human psyche aiming to visually interpret conceptualized emotions such as love, anxiety, and fear of failure. ‘The Love Dance’ painting and poem illustrate my perception of the meaning of love and what that might look like if it bloom

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