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Channing Gray

The work I make is about a state of internal between where it’s referenced to the external experience. To express this concept, I use cosmic and atmospheric forms to create a boundless landscape that is vast and occupied by individuals. My focus is drawing but I also use other forms of material to expand and curate spaces for subjects to be enmeshed within the psychological plain. I find the intent of my practice to be this sense of longing, to find connections with others through a semblance of memory. In my youth, I experienced living in a split home where I felt that I was two separate existences so I use this sense duality to give viewers a look into the state of a vacillating mind. For such lives are vastly different and yet specific experiences are what could connect individuals together.

 -Channing Gray, b.1994 lives in central Florida and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Central Florida in 2017. She is currently obtaining a Masters of Fine Art in Studio Art in 2020 at the Florida State University.

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