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Celeste Ivory


Celeste Ivory is a visual artist based in Tallahassee, the capital city of the Sunshine State. Ivory holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Florida State University. She was employed in historic preservation for a decade. Her many craft practice and artmaking experiences led her to found Ivory Tower Collective and return to FSU to pursue the field of studio art as a career. She now works in the FSU Department of Art as adjunct faculty.


contemplation on moments of intersection in life | the creation of opportunities to intertwine and meld, or support and connect with others | impulses to be a part of something greater than ourselves | awareness that our lives exist in parallel for great lengths then suddenly merge | our paths’ twists and turns | the desire to make meaningful connections met with the realization that reciprocal relationships may never be possible when interactional patterns prevent vulnerability and communication | | | | pausing | | | | to address feelings of not being able to escape, and comfort in being bound to others and memory |

My work examines the complex need for intimacy with nature, others, and self in a hurried, consumer culture. My interest lies in how our desire for connection is often undermined by the quick fix of disconnect, distancing us from beneficial social and environmental relations. Recurring themes of exploration include masking our true intentions for g ... view more »



Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes


Gender: I identify as Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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