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Brian Wyatt

Brian is a highly sought-after marketing expert and business strategist. He was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, IL. He is a military veteran, social entrepreneur and multi-disciplined branding expert with over 12 years of experience in branding, design, marketing, IT and communications. He is also a certified business mentor that enjoys coaching entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential in a competitive marketplace.

Brian is also the founding President & CEO of B-EZ Graphix, a multimedia marketing agency with a strong social focus. His vision for B-EZ Graphix was to provide affordable marketing services to help small, local businesses grow in a more technologically advanced marketplace. Brian believes that growing small businesses and having a strong social impact will increase jobs and civic engagement in local communities. He believes that this will, in turn, decrease unemployment and solve many other social problems.


Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

Brand Development Graphic Design Web Design Digital Marketing Social Media Entrepreneurship Business Development Communications Finance

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes
Type of lesson (Private and/or Group): Private, Group

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