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April Fitzpatrick

With a background in psychology, an unconventional experience in art therapy, and commitment to visual artistry, April Fitzpatrick has given much attention to the mental health crisis in communities stricken with poverty and crime. Serving as a facilitator for trauma-focused workshops, working as a teaching artist, and navigating the community as a visual artist has afforded April the opportunity to see trauma from several perspectives. Harnessing her knowledge and skills in creative execution, relationship building, community connection, and innovation, April brings the pineapple to the table to explore our inner core with her initiative Pineapples with Purpose.

Using the symbolism of the pineapple, April developed a risk free and fail free art curriculum that focuses on reimagining the addressing of trauma and mental health through interactive and engaging means utilizing a pineapple’s own growth and journey as a metaphor.  The fruit is uniquely used to advocate for cultured perspectives when addressing mental health and history among marginalized communities, provide and engage “art as therapy” with middle to college age students and their families, and foster positive memory as a buffer among communities facing collective trauma to increase healthy socio-emotional adjustment.

April believes we can use art as a community effort to turn pain into purpose, find beauty in our brokenness, and welcome tough conversations.

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Known as the collective fruit, the pineapple is made of 200 flowers fused together to form one berry. Pineapples with Purpose recognizes each individual as a make up of uniques experiences that have fused together to create a special story. Thus, April provides art as therapy workshops to create pineapple inspired art and explore the fruit's symbolism as it relates to your story.

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes
Type of lesson (Private and/or Group): Group

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