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Alexa Turnbull

I emphasize the relationships that demand to be felt between one’s self and the world we live in, such as: the fear of never being taken seriously as a woman resulting from centuries of inequality or the inability to escape the past of our childhood or ancestors, leading to the alienation that is prompted by society, despite endless technological advances that are intended to keep us connected. Though the motivation of my work and research stem from personal narratives to create connections between private and public experiences, using my physical self to express physical topics, such as how the personal is political, allows me to utilize a deconstructed self in performance where the physical body can exist in the immediate present, providing a time and place to let go of the burden of selfhood, while the communication of physical structure questions physical material as we begin to express these ties to the world we live in.  By developing a narrative through a choreography to creating a dreamscape from cardboard and paint, I transform the physical space to provoke feelings of fear, displacement or at least self awareness.


Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

My most recent classes has been teaching screen printing to teens, age 13-18. Since most have never heard of screen printing, we start with a brief introductory to how screen printing started (most don't realize it has been around since roughly 950-1250 CE). We touch on all of screen printings milestones of developments from then to present day, and I give them hands outs and zines to keep and refer back to since it is so much new information. After getting to know them and their interests, we discuss and share thoughts and style with each other as a group. Experimenting is much more important to me than technique, and since this such a new medium to them, I insist to abandon the thought of perfection and focus on possibility. I rarely put boundaries on what I can or cannot do with them, we print on shirts, paper, fabric that can be turned into soft sculptures, plexiglass, found objects or any other material they want to experiment with. The patience required for printmaking comes easiest if you're having fun, so I always have creative exercises/readings/activities lined up for those who don't enjoy remaining too stagnant.

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: Yes

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